Fabrics and cloths are our passion. They have been for more than 350 years.The Mehler cloth mill was founded in 1644. It has been a family business for 10 generations, and is now owned and operated by Paulus and Ludwig Mehler. This makes the Mehler cloth mill the oldest cloth manufacturer in Germany, and incidentally the 29th oldest industrial enterprise of any kind in Germany.The company's home town, Tirschenreuth, has a long tradition of clothmaking. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe visited in 1786 and was enchanted, prompting his journal entry: "The little town of clothiers is passing well situated."The long history of artisanal clothmaking in Tischenreuth is further demonstrated by records showing that in 1850 over half of the population of made their living from the industry.


A short history since 1644:

  • 1644: Mehler cloth mill founded by Georg Mehler
  • 1897: The new factory building built
  • Around 1900: Manufacture of fabrics for the clergy begun
  • Around 1915: Production of fabrics for the military
  • 1923: Purchase of a large steam engine. On occasion, this engine was used to generate electricity for the entire town.
  • 1927: Awarded the title "Suppliers to the Holy See".
  • 1942: Company forced to close in reprisal for criticising the Third Reich.
  • 1946: Production resumed with civilian cloth and loden.
  • Around 1965: Production of official uniform fabrics and carded yarn.
  • 1972: Spinning mill rebuilt.
  • 1978: Finishing plant rebuilt.
  • 1990: Dyeworks rebuilt.
  • 1996: Increased emphasis on niche products.
  • 1999: A Guiness world record set: From the sheep to the completed suit in 1 hour 2 minutes.
  • 2005: Purchase of the carded yarn spinning mill in Forst/Lausitz
  • 2011: New construction of the fully automated high rack warehouse.
  • 2015: Recipient of the Award "Mittelstandspreis 2015"


Business continues to flourish, buoyed by customer response to our fully integrated production process and greater emphasis on custom solutions.